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The Department of Educatin provides all students of the faculty with common awarenness of educational science

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Sustainable excellence

The Department of Education belongs to one of the core departments at the Faculty of Education of Masaryk University as it participates in the preparation of all students of the faculty. Its members build their activities on teamwork, openness, responsibility, good interpersonal relations and a student oriented approach. They head towards sustainable excellence that favours quality over quantity


The department takes a significant conceptual and executive share in the teaching of so called common base subjects (especially pedagogical and psychological) in all forms of teacher training. In cooperation with the department of psychology they strive for an optimal ratio – balance and alignment – between the pedagogical and psychological components of the degree programs on which they are based, and which are followed up by specialist studies, especially the didactics of particular subjects and educational fields. The department also participates in the preparation of undergraduate students to pursue other educational professions (special education teachers, tutors, leisure time teachers and teaching assistants).

The Department also takes part in teacher training for the Faculty of Science at Masaryk University and participates in educational propedeutics of some medical programs at the Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University.

It is also involved in study programs accredited in English language and in the instruction of students visiting the university through the Erasmus program.


A key position of the department within the faculty rests in dealing with conceptual and contentual issues of pedagogical practice in teacher training programs.

The Department of Education offers teacher training practice, including reflective seminars associated to such practice, which is an essential component of the personal and professional development of students in preparation for their profession.


In cooperation with the Institute for Research in School Education the Department guarantees a doctorate program in this field.

The Department of Education provides basic educational research within projects of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GACR) as well as Specific research projects. Current GACR projects are focused on power in a classroom of student teachers, gaining tacit knowledge of student teachers during their practice and the classroom management strategies of student teachers and teacher educators.

The department develops a variety of methodological approaches, especially in qualitative and mixed research design.

Development and cooperation

Through various engagements (conferences, self-educational activities etc.) the Department of Education is actively involved in building and sharing the latest knowledge in the field of teacher education, both with Czech and foreign experts. Such findings are continuously implemented at the Faculty of Education of Masaryk University, whether it is a conceptual work (e.g. increase in the time that students spend on teaching practice) or educational activities (e.g. revision of the content and form of education based on feedback from students and colleagues as observers).

The department implements and participates in many development projects focused mainly on upgrading undergraduate teacher training and the development of cooperation with teachers from practice (Development Fund of Masaryk University; Operational Programme Research, Development and Education ).

The Department of Education produces and edits the Comenius journal, a periodical with more than a century of tradition and nationwide reference. The journal is a major source of inspiration not only for elementary school teachers, but also for the general educational cummunity. The Department of Education also operates an advisory service for students which is aimed at a wider range of academic issues.

The Department of Education cooperates with a number of Czech and foreign organizations. Among the Czech organisations are the Czech Educational Research Association, Czech Educational Society, and the Czech Association of Mentoring in Education. Members of the Department are active on the editorial boards of scientific journals, teacher training expert panels and the authorities evaluating the results of educational research.

Our team

doc. Mgr. Jana Kratochvílová, Ph.D.

Head Of Department, Associate Professor

Mgr. Bc. Jan Nehyba, Ph.D.

Assistant professor

Mgr. Jana Obrovská, Ph.D.

Assistant professor

Mgr. Lucie Škarková, Ph.D.

Assistant professor

RNDr. Eva Trnová, PhD.

Assistant professor

Mgr. František Tůma, Ph.D.

Assistant professor

Bc. Denisa Foltová, DiS.

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