Drama Education for Children with Special Needs
in the context of the Framework for Reference for Elementary Education, Research Year 2009

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Brno, 22 – 23 April 2009

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Gábor Takás
Andy Kempe
Katarina Majzlanová
Šárka Dohnalová and co.
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Using drama in education when working with disabled

Using drama in education when working with socially disadvantaged

Analysis of the current situation of research in the field of drama in education

Using drama in education in foreign language teaching when working with pupils with developmental learning and behaviour disorders
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For 2 days 1000 Czech Crowns
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Registration fee – please pay by 20 February 2009 at the latest to the account of PdF MU.
Foreign participants: pay via bank transfer. As the variable symbol write your registration number (you will get it after registration). Registration fee covers organisation of the conference, CD with abstracts and complete texts of the contributions, social evening.
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